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Free Jump Trampoline


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Round Trampoline Series
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Free jump's aviation aluminum springless trampoline, It is the world's first trampoline with using aviation aluminum material。 Free jump trampoline realizes real no gap between mat and net.Give best and safest jumping space to you.



Size Of Mat : 15 ft
Surface Area Of Mat : 176 ft²
Jumper Weight Rating: 245 lbs
Structural Load Capacity: 110 lbs
Minimum Lateral Installation Clearance: 22 ft
Height Of Mat Above Ground: 3 ft
Height of Net Above Mat: 6 ft
Total Height: 9 ft
Model Number: FJR15














Designed for a big backyard, the jumping surface of our 8ft round trampoline is equivalent to that of a 10ft round trampoline with springs.
  FJR15   Our 10 year world-class warranty covers every inch of the trampoline. From net to frame to mat - we're here for you. It's our years of fun guarantee!





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